The Name?

When I was designing the merchandise store for my church's student conference, I was at a point in my life of deciding what to do next. When I thought, "why don't I start a business doing what I'm doing now?" I went through several cheesy names, when I began to think of how my family does things. We're not always traditional in our ways, but we always find a way to do it. We have a "Head" way of doing things. But I didn't want to send the message of my way or the highway, so I looked up the definition of headway. It's meaning spoke exactly what I wanted to be know for. "To move forward or make progress, especially when circumstances make this slow or difficult." So Headway has stuck. Not because the "Head" way is the only way, but because we want to find a way forward when everything says to stop. 


What We Do

At Headway we design and build custom furniture and decor. We create and install art pieces. Making unique hand built pieces. Large and small, simple or complex. We serve homeowners, interior designers, business owners and churches.

This is

Who We Are

Headway Design is a company built on the idea of moving forward where others are unable to. The constricts of time, space and budget are not a deterrent for us but a challenge we gladly take on. Where others see impossibility we see opportunity. Our goal is to create pieces that make a welcoming environment. Whether that is the single piece for your home, or the event you've been dreaming of for months. We aim to provide quality products and services that communicate your vision. We design and fabricate all the pieces you will need. Contact us today and we'll make your project possible.  


The Founder?

Conan Head

Conan Head is the founder of Headway. He is Texas born, Louisiana raised, Californian at heart. He has over 10 years experience in carpentry, scenic fabrication and live production. Working with companies such as Solomon Group in New Orleans, LA and Plain Joe Studios in Corona, CA. He was the on staff Scenic Designer for Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. After which he traveled through Europe and Israel before starting Headway. He is now in San Francisco, CA and is a part of Sozo Church.